The shows cast includes some of the best loved performers in the metroplex: they seem so comfortable together on stage they might have all worked together for years. Larry Randolph has woven his wise, self-assured magical wand over the ensemble; stage picture after stage picture emerges in effortless natural flow allowing diverse talents of all performers to flourish
Critical Rant and Rave, Alexandra Bonifield
No matter how hard I try, I can’t get over the calm and pleasant feeling this show achieved. Despite its cartoonish characters, hokey dialogue and a jerky plot, the experience is one of serene satisfaction, a thoroughly unthreatening delight. If you miss Carol Burnett sketches and like painter Thomas Kinkaid, then this play is for you. If One-Thirty Productions is not careful, they’re gonna give theater a good name.
                                                        David Novinski, D Magazine Front Row
The actors all do excellent work. Shaw, especially, outdoes herself, giving Ziller a winning warmth and sophistication. Randolph directed the show, and he deserves some of the credit for the level of performance.
Lawson Taitte, The Dallas Morning News